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we reject conventional wisdom and take an outsider view on popular subjects.

Whatever your passion, there’s an expert today telling you how do it. If you look closer, however, you find that many experts are merely gatekeepers. They’re bent on keeping you doing things an old, tired (expensive) way.

Our blogs are different. The Writing Thing Group is focused on ways to help you, not to sell you. We cover subjects an outsider way, a smarter way, not just the usual way. From parenting, to culture, to writing, to offbeat living, our subjects lead to deeper solutions that will make you happier, and better.

the writing thing

Is writing a cheap ticket to success? No, the writing thing is about risk. We promote honest writing and the creation of masterpieces. Coming soon.
Daily distractions will steal your kids’ childhoods away from you. We help busy parents to lose distractions and boost quality time with their kids. Visit.
Ever wonder about leaving the city life behind? We help folks make the transition from overwhelmed city mouse to relaxed country mouse. Visit.

eugene havens

Eugene Havens is an American writer drawn to modern obstacles of many kinds. In an age when readers have been kidnapped by smartphones, Eugene Havens aims to remind them of what they’ve lost. Visit.

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