hi, i'm craig.

Craig Simpson, writer, blogger, outsider, and publisher of The Writing Thing Group

big city background.

I became an insider in America’s big cities: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco. Working in the media business, I saw it all up-close. How to build an image. To shape reality. I was taught that perception is reality.

literary résumé.

I left the world of big media for fine art. It put me in another insider’s club, the New York literary scene. I earned a Master of Fine Arts from The New School. There, I took classes from America’s biggest literary names.

resident outsider.

I knew the insider life. It was a “sure thing.” Instead, I left the insider track for an outsider path. For an unscripted life where creativity and innovation were a day’s work. Success as an outsider would be my own.

the writing thing group.

a blogging network that promotes the outsider life.

about me.

a rich life goes against the odds.

I’m an insider who chose to become an outsider. Having moved to New York at a young age, I was shown the inside track. It was a life of connections, privilege, and ease. Money was plentiful. It was betting with the house. Taking the easy odds. You only had to sacrifice one thing: yourself.

The insider life wasn’t for me. It turned out, I didn’t want a sure thing. The life I envisioned wasn’t easy. It was meaningful. I began to see, a rewarding life isn’t there for the taking. Meaning must be found. A rich life goes against the odds.

Now, I embrace outsider status. The inside track was about money. The outsider life is about achieving the impossible. Whether I get there or not, I know I’m working to change the world, living a life without regret.

publisher / the writing thing group

Craig Simpson

After many years in the media business, Craig Simpson started his own blogging network. Publisher of The Writing Thing Group, Craig Simpson manages blogs on parenting, writing, culture, and rural living.

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